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Why become a member?

It is, of course, possible to attend square dances without being a member of a club, but membership has many advantages. We welcome dancers of all kinds and ages in the Toe Draggers. Our only condition for membership is that you have completed square dance lessons.

At the least, there is a financial advantage. Members pay quarterly dues instead of paying at the door. The dues provide steady income for the club, and still represent a discount over the door fee.

However, our members enjoy many intangible benefits as well. We all go on a Mystery Trip once a year, where no one but the president knows where we will end up. We have a camp out one weekend every August, and a Winter Retreat in February. Our bimonthly club meetings end up more social event than business meetings.

Many Oregon square dancers are snowbirds, spending their winters in the warmer climates of Arizona. The Toe Draggers allow these members to go on a leave of absence, keeping their membership alive but without dues when they go seeking drier weather.

The most important reason for belonging, of course, is fun. Belonging to the Toe Draggers is like belonging to a big family. We dance together, we eat together, we travel together, and we play together.

Come join us!

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May 16, 2018, 1:00 PM