Cuer's Page - Bev Flint

                    Cuer  Bev Flint

"There is always an open invitation to come and twirl, sway, and tap your toes at the Kinton Grange with the Toe Draggers!"

Bev enjoys choreographing to music and loves the beauty, splendor and flow of music and movement. Always creative, she draws from her experience as a past P.E teacher, track and gymnastic coach and aerobic dance instructor. Bev and her horse are also part of an equestrian drill team and she helps to plan routines and select music for the group.

Bev and her husband Harlan began square dancing with the 4N8ers in Verbort around 1972 and she began cueing in 1988. They are a team, whether growing nursery trees and flowers on their farm, making wreaths for the holiday season, practicing a dance routine at home in front of the refrigerator, or making sure the technical equipment is just right.

"We hope to create an excitement and confidence in new round dancers that will enable them to enter any dance, step out onto the floor and enjoy, making no difference if they have ever heard the music before."

"Our goal remains to have everyone in the hall dancing and no one choosing to sit down, out of frustration or boredom. Toe Draggers Rock!" – Bev Flint    


                Bev and Harlan

                 Bev and Harlan

                                      Bev and Elvis